What type of works is considered as literary work ?

In a simpler word, a copyright means the “right to copy”. The copyright is provided to the original authors to protect the works such as literary, dramatic, artistic, cinematographic film, and musical works.

The word “literary” work certainly tells that it means the works of literature but it’s not restricted to only literature works. It includes all types of works which can be expressed in writing, numbers, or numerical symbols, irrespective of the fact that they have literary merit or not. It does not matter in which medium they are being expressed whether it’s in the form of books, movies, video tapes, software or manuscripts. For example, computer software or computer databases is considered as a literary work, here, the ideas of a programmer are presented in the computer software which can be protected under the Copyright law.

Therefore, the works that are considered as literary works, are:

The work must be unique or original
It should not be a replica of another literary work
When it comes to literary work, the more focus is given upon the kind of work, nature, idea and the distribution of work. This includes tables and computer programs.

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